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5 Skin Myth’s Exposed

Dr. Rebecca Baxt is a board certified Manhattan and New Jersey dermatologist who empathizes with her patients who feel they are doing everything ‘right’ and still are unsatisfied with the appearance of their skin. What’s more, she often sees patients who feel they are doomed to bad skin based on myths that “you get the genes your parents have.” Here are the top 5 skin care myth’s she sees, and the truth behind them: [Read More...]

Effects Of Sugar On The Skin


Most people today know antioxidants to be an effective method of fighting age, but few are aware of the biological process underlying for most skin damage – and what directly addresses the problem, says skin-care expert Ron Cummings.  “The word that has been on the minds of dermatologists and other skin-care researchers for many years is glycation, which is what happens on the cellular level to age our skin,” says Cummings, founder and CEO of AminoGenesis Skin Care, ( 

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Micro Touch One Razor (And How To Shave With It!)

HD video HERE.

[JANUARY, 2014 UPDATE: Be sure to check out our 30 Day Challenge To A More Enjoyable Shave for more tips, techniques, and product suggestions!]

You may have seen the late night television commercial selling an old style safety razor called the Micro Touch One and it piqued your interest.   Maybe you were attracted by the sales pitch from that guy who runs the famous “Pawn Stars” shop in Las Vegas as seen on TV–I’ve been there and they do a lot of business so they must be doing something right.  Or maybe the commercial triggered a memory of you watching your father or your grandfather shaving when you were a kid and it appealed to you.  Or maybe you were attracted by the low cost of blades because they are a lot cheaper than cartridges for the modern razors.

Anyway, for whatever reason, you’re interested in the Micro Touch One.  But what do you really get for the money, and more importantly how do you use the razor?

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